1. About Waypedia
2. Basic Rules
3. Self service Campaigns
4. Common Issues
5. Fully Managed Campaigns

1. About Waypedia

What Is Waypedia?

Waypedia is a mobile advertising platform for developers and Android/IOS app owners that are seeking a simple way to promote their apps. Our account managers also offer marketing support and guidance when requested, at no additional cost.

How Does Waypedia’s System Work?

Our system connects with popular offer wall platforms, and displays apps to thousands of active users who want to discover new apps, and in exchange, earn rewards.
We operate on a 100% incentivized CPI (cost per install) platform with real users all over the world! Depending on your specific goals, you can create a campaign using our Self Service or Fully Managed Service.

What is Self Service and Fully Managed?

When adding your first campaign on Waypedia, you will be offered two options: Self Service campaigns and Fully Managed campaigns.

Self Service campaigns are designed for small developers that need an affordable, quick and easy campaign set up. This option will offer full control without manager supervision, which means faster set up and full campaign control. You can pause it, start it, and terminate it at your will.

Fully Managed campaigns are meant for big developers with higher volume requests. If you select this option when creating a campaign, you indicate you will require additional support from a campaign manager. This will give you more freedom and peace of mind, but less control over the campaign. This implies that you will need to keep in touch with your account manager if you need to pause the campaign, modify something, etc. The downside for fully managed is that stats are not as comprehensive as Self Service. Final statistics are updated at the end of the campaign (or upon request). The only stats provided are the daily installs breakdown generated during the campaign.

Are Incentivized Installs Good For App Promotion?

Incentivized installs are the cheapest and easiest advertising solution to quickly drive a large amount of installs from real users to your apps. Our service complies with Google's Publisher Terms of Agreement and is safe to use.

The intention of incentivized installs is to rank in the Google Play charts and improve your keyword relevance. Those factors will significantly improve your exposure and drive organic installs to your app. Of course, if your app is reputable, you can expect 5% to 30% retention rate or higher. This means that users will be most likely keep your app, share it, and review it, but only if the quality of the app exceeds expectations.

How Many Installs Can Waypedia Deliver? What’s the cost?

It all depends on the targeting and type of campaign. For small volumes, normally our Waypedia Self Service option is the way to go. If you require massive volume (anything beyond 1k installs a day) your best option is to run a campaign through our Waypedia Fully Managed Service (you will learn how to use these two options below).

Below, please read the list of recommended bids to achieve the desired volume:


ANDROID VOLUME BID Ranking Expected Retention
More than 20 WW downloads per day $0.06 TOP 5000 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 1,000 WW downloads per day $0.20 TOP 500 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 5,000 WW downloads per day $0.30 TOP 50 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 20,000 WW downloads per day $0.40 TOP 25 INSTALL + OPEN
Maximum per day: 30k downloads      
More than 20 TOP countries downloads per day $0.10 TOP 1000 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 100 TOP countries downloads per day $0.30 TOP 100 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 5,000 TOP countries downloads per day $0.50 TOP 50 INSTALL + OPEN
Maximum per day: 15k downloads      
More than 20 GENERAL countries downloads per day $0.15 TOP 1000 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 300 GENERAL countries downloads per day $0.30 TOP 500 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 1,000 GENERAL countries downloads per day $0.40 TOP 100 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 3,000 GENERAL countries downloads per day $0.50 TOP 50 INSTALL + OPEN
Maximum per day: 5k downloads      

IOS VOLUME BID Ranking Expected Retention
More than 50 WW downloads per day $0.20 TOP 500 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 1,000 WW downloads per day $0.30 TOP 100 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 2,000 WW downloads per day $0.40 TOP 10 INSTALL + OPEN
Maximum per day: 3k downloads      
More than 50 TOP countries downloads per day $0.30 TOP 1000 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 500 TOP countries downloads per day $0.40 TOP 500 INSTALL + OPEN
More than 2,000 TOP countries downloads per day $0.60 TOP 50 INSTALL + OPEN
Maximum per day: 2k downloads      


ANDROID VOLUME BID Ranking Expected Retention
Doing over 100 Keywords installs per day $0.30 TOP 100 INSTALL + OPEN
Doing over 1000 Keywords installs per day $0.40 TOP 50 INSTALL + OPEN
Doing over 2000 Keywords installs per day $0.50 TOP 10 INSTALL + OPEN
Maximum per day: 3k downloads      

NOTE: Please contact live chat support for more information.

Will Users Register / Use / Engage With My App?

Users are free to keep, review, use and share your app at any time and with anybody if they are interested to do so. Remember that Waypedia does not target users by interest, so engagement will depend on the overall app quality. Make sure to have an ASO description, a well-designed ICON, and ensure the app is completely debugged.


What Type Of Apps Are Not Permitted?

1- Paid apps.
2- Apps that are against Google Play Policies.
3- Offer-walls apps.

Do I Need To Modify My App’s Coding?

No. You don't need to modify anything to promote your app with us. However, if you prefer using a tracking solution, you will need to incorporate the link through our 3rd party tracker platform.

Can I Use My Tracker Or Links From Affiliate Networks?

Yes. You can insert it at the time you create your campaign on Self Service option. There is one condition for this option: The link MUST redirect to the app’s Google Play page. We will ask you for the app’s package name, and your link MUST redirect to the app’s Google Play page for this to work.

NOTE: if the app to promote is NOT YOURS we will not be able to recognize/validate conversions, and therefore no support or refunds will be available.

If I Use My Tracker Or My Own Link, Are There Any Important Things I should Know?


1. Campaign will be under review. Waypedia reserves the right to decline campaigns at any time. We can offer a full refund if the campaign never started.
2. Once the campaign is running, we are not responsible for any failure of the tracking system provided.
3. We will deliver the traffic and installs, but if for some reason you don’t see that reflected under your tracker link, we will NOT GIVE ANY REFUNDS. We strongly suggest to start with a small test to make sure everything works correctly.

NOTE: This is important since most of our clients using tracking links are from affiliates running very popular ads offers and their conversions are always below 10%. If you’re an affiliate use this under your own discretion.

How do I know what traffic is from Waypedia and what is organic if I don’t use tracking?

All campaigns will generate a stat file where we will define the daily installs generated per day. You can use that data to compare with Google Play Console or Itunes connect stats (“app units” or “installs by device”). Additionally, you will also see traffic moving on in real time on your Google Play analytics and Waypedia Dashboard (only when using Self Service option). If there is any error or traffic is not reflected, simply contact your account manager. He/she will request an exported file from the Stores stats so our team can review it. No worries, we are here to help!

NOTE: Read common issues below for more details on how to read stats.

How Waypedia’s tracking system works?

All Mobile applications have a module which tracks user’s activity on the mobile device like when user is installing the app, Opening the app or even how long user keep the app open after successful installation and more. Our partners apps has our special sdk that help us measure users activity on their phone.

User’s activity along with security parameters reaches to backend server via REST APIs. Business layer validates the user’s information with the existing data. After passing through all the validation, Persistence Layer stores the data into database for future reference.
To ensure, user does not manipulate the data, Security modules are implied in the mobile and backend server.


How Can I Create a Campaign?

Creating a campaign is very simple and fast. Here is an overview on how the system works:



Self Service Basic Terms

Here are the basic terms and conditions you will encounter with Waypedia:

1. What is a "Reservation"? Reservation is the data based on the amount of users that are active at this moment about to install your app. This is real-time data; If the user does not install your app, it will disappear after 15 minutes.

When your campaign is under 1 or more reservations, you will not be available to EDIT it.

2. What does it mean to "terminate" a campaign? You can terminate an active campaign at any time. However, if you choose to terminate your campaign, you will end it without the option to re-start. This will require you to create a new campaign.

If there are users under "Reservation", you will be charged upfront per user. E.g.: If your campaign is worth $10 and you decide to terminate it when there are 5 users about to install it (under reservation), we will take $0.50 from that $10 to cover those expenses.

NOTE: To avoid penalties for premature termination, the best option is to PAUSE the campaign and wait until the reservation returns to zero (typically takes 15 minutes).

3. How can I edit / modify my campaign? If your campaign has no reservations, you can go ahead and click EDIT in your campaign list under "My campaigns". If you have reservations (1 or more) you need to PAUSE first and wait until your reservations drop to zero.

4. Impressions, Taps, Installs, Engagement and Retention. From the lowest to the highest level of attention, we measure results based on these 5 parameters:

Impression. An impression is every time we display your app’s ad. Every campaign will always have more impressions than anything else, since not every user will tap on your app’s ad.

Tap. These are measured when a user "taps" on your app’s ad. When this takes place, the user is redirected to your app’s Google Play page.

Install. This is tracked when a user downloads and installs your app from your app’s Google Play page, which has been redirected from our ads on his/her phone.

Engagement. When a user opens your app, we measure that action and we count it as an engagement. Most of our users will engage for at least 20-30 seconds.

Retention. This is the most valuable asset for any campaign. Retention is counted when a user keeps your app for at least 3 days. This will not be counted if the user didn’t open the app at least 1 time.

5. What does "under retention" mean? This term is used during High Retention Campaigns and it shows the amount of users that are keeping your app installed at this time. The "under retention" clears up once the user keeps your app for 3 days (or exactly 72 hours). Yes, this value is dynamic and it changes over time if the user uninstalls your app.

6. Use common sense. Do not create a worldwide campaign for an app that is only available to a few countries. If your app has some sort of limitation, please contact Live Chat support for help.

7. Using Waypedia Self Service you can select the type of retention.

Here are the 3 options:

LOW RETENTION INSTALLS: User will install your app.
NORMAL RETENTION INSTALLS: User will install and open your app at least 1 time.
HIGH RETENTION INSTALLS: User will install your app, open it at least 1 time, and keep it for 3 days.

Where do I find my package name?

You will find the name at the end of the app's URL or on your Google Play Developer Dashboard. E.g: The package name of this link would be com.triple.fifty

(It usually starts with "com.")

NOTE: package name is the name that is given to the main file of your app and is requested by Google Play in order to be published. For IOS campaigns would be the ID number.

Keywords Installs

If you prefer to see Keywords installs in action, check the video below:



How Keyword Installs works?

Users will search for the app by typing the given Keyword. Ranking increase will depend on the Keyword competition. Some Keywords are easy to rank in top 10 with less than 500 downloads per day for few days, some others require longer time and higher volume per day. CONDITIONS TO USE THIS SERVICE: App MUST be listed under the given keyword for this to work.

What do you need to get started?

Your app need to be fully debugged, with a good catchy ICON and ASO description. The app needs to be listed on search results when we search for the desired keyword for this to work.

NOTE: The ICON and ASO cannot be changed during the campaign progress.

At what price TOP 10 search results can be achieved?
We can achieve top 10 with less than 1k downloads per day but it will depend on the keyword frequency mostly. Social apps keywords are super hard, as well RPG and casino games type of keywords. We recommend to start with 500 keyword installs per day for 10 days and then scale to 1k per day if needed.

How long does it take to get the TOP 10?
Normally around 2-3 days, if we don't see results, then we need to scale higher volume per day.

What about the quality of the traffic?
These are real users that will search for your app using the desired keyword, that's why a good ICON design and well app presentation is A MUST otherwise conversions will be lower.

When achieve top 10 its strong or temporary?
It will depend on the app. If after reaching high rankings on search results nobody installs the app, then it means that the app is not good enough or the overall design presentation is poor.

Do I need traffic from a specific country to rank?
We can do worldwide keywords campaigns, but power ranking will be diluted. It’s always better to focus in one country per campaign and no more than 3-5 keywords at the time. USA keywords and other top tier countries has the highest ROI, but higher cost.


How Can I Track Waypedia Installs?

We send valid referrer strings with each install. So, if your app is using Google Analytics or other third party tracking services, our installs will automatically appear in the dashboards.

For Google Analytics, you can find the installs under User Acquisition > Campaigns > Sources with the default campaign source Waypedia.

Keep in mind that Google Analytics and other frameworks are not 100% reliable and can fail to track installs. Some examples are:

- The user is running an AdBlocker or GA Blocker on his device.

- The user has more than one app market installed or initially opened the link to your app with a browser.

- Google Analytics installation tracking was not implemented properly to execute first after performing an installation (please refer to the GA developer docs).

How Can I use Appflyers to track Waypedia Installs?

To track installs using Appflyers is very easy, just have a look at this short documentation:

Understanding Google Play Reports And Time Zones

Google Play lets you define the time zone for your developer account. All global installs are reported by Google Play using this time zone.

To compare Google Play reports to MAT platform reports, you will need to recognize the time zone for your Google Play developer account. Then ensure the time zone for your user in the MAT platform is set to the same time zone as Google Play. When you change the setting in the MAT platform, you must log out and log back in for the time zone change to take effect in your reports. Now you can compare Google Play reports to MAT platform reports because both systems are displaying data in the same time zone.

There may still be discrepancies because the Google Play reports measure installs at download while MAT measures them when the app is first run. There may also be a lag between the two events. It is also much easier on Android to download from other app stores than it is on iOS, so if you have a paid app that is being pirated, we will record the first run, even though Google Play never registered a download.

NOTE: The MAT SDK collects the Google Advertising Identifier at time of install in either case and logs the value of the "limit ad tracking" status of the device which is passed back to your advertising partner.

Where Can I See If My Ranking Is Increasing?

AppAnnie is at this moment the best tool to track the results of your Waypedia’s campaigns. It’s free to use basic services and it updated every 24hrs.

Why did I Receive Fewer Installs Than What I Ordered?

Before sending an e-mail, please check these 3 items:

1. Did you wait up to 48 hours? Google Play takes up to 48 hours to reflect the data (sometimes even 72 hours).

2. Did you check the date of the installs with your Google Play dashboard? The amount should be reflected, but also because of the time server, some installs might be reflected on a different day. Not sure how to do this? Read here.

3.Make sure that you're looking at the "DAILY INSTALLS PER DEVICE" and NOT "CURRENT INSTALLS BY DEVICE".

If you have checked all 3 of these points and you are still not seeing the installs as expected, please send us the .zip file from your Google Play App's console.

Check the images below to learn how:

Once you have the .zip file (the name should be something like "") Please send an email to with your e-mail account and name. You will need to send us the file in order to do the proper claim.

Why Was My Campaign Automatically Terminated?

If our users have been experiencing trouble installing your app or you get over 20% total installs from the requested, Waypedia will automatically terminate your campaign. We do this to ensure a good user experience.

Here’re some reasons:

1. You have created a Worldwide Campaign for an app that is only available in a few countries.
SOLUTION: Create a new campaign that is targeted to the countries where your app is available.

2. Your app has been unpublished from Google Play.
SOLUTION: Contact Google Play to find out the reason and try again once the problem has been solved.

3. Your app is not appealing for at least 20% of our users.
SOLUTION: Make a more interesting app. Improve ICON design and content. Spammy or apps full of ads are not acceptable!

4. Your app is dangerous for our user’s devices or has illegal content.
SOLUTION: We don’t accept those kinds of apps.

5. Your app has very low device compatibilities.
SOLUTION: If your app is only available for tablets or a select variety of devices, Waypedia campaigns might not work for you. Try to improve and adapt your app for more devices.

Why Am I Getting A Low Number Of Installs Per Day?

Here are some possible reasons:

1. Your app is only compatible with a few smartphone devices or Android versions.

2. Your app is not available worldwide, or it is available only to a few countries.

3. Your app icon is not well designed, or your app description looks spammy.

4. You're running a HRI campaign. In this case, the numbers will always be lower since users need to keep your app for at least 3 days and not everybody is willing to do that.

Why Do Users Uninstall My App Right Away?

Retention is always low even in organic installs, but with incentivized campaigns, it is even lower. Keep in mind that the purpose of incentivized installs is to increase ranking and reach more organic users. This doesn't mean that you won't get any loyal users from us, but it is not realistic to expect 90% retention since we are not targeting users by interest. Need help with a marketing plan? Reach out to us on our live chat support!

Why Is the User Retention low?

Retention depends on your app quality. Polished and beautiful games are always more likely to succeed. There are a lot of options out there, and users are looking for something that is relevant to them and/or solves their problems. Ask yourself: Is my game fun enough? Is my app tool working properly? Is my app easy to understand? Is my description clear?

My App Was Banned From Google Play

Waypedia works only with real devices, and our platform detects if users are using some IP changer software or bots. In other words, there is no way that our traffic will hurt your app.

We understand how frustrating and stressful that could be, but even if a security breach were to occur in our platform, a small amount of invalid installs wouldn’t affect your app’s standing.

When Google unpublishes or suspends an app, you should always receive an official e-mail from them explaining the reason for removal. If for some reason you never got an e-mail, please follow up with Google Play support.

Most common reasons why our clients get suspended or banned:

1. Copyright issues. Your app was using images, music/songs or even naming your game like another app. If you put "Flappy Bird" (the popular game) in your title or description, that is enough reason to be banned.

2. Your account was linked with a banned account. If you were banned and then you reopen an account and any payment details, names, IP session match, your new account will also be banned.

3. Forbidden content. Adding hidden adult content or misleading information is a very common reason why our clients get banned.

4. Buying Fake reviews or ratings. Its true! You might not be suspended now, but you will be in a few weeks. Don’t buy any fake reviews (even from those that promise they are real).

5. And overall... your app was against Google Policies.

I Did A Campaign With Waypedia But My App Is Not Listed / Ranked. Why?

Google has its own policies when it comes to indexing. However, don't expect to be listed with the keyword "casino" when there are millions of apps about casino games. Use your common sense: Google Play displays up to 250 results; if your app hasn't gotten any or enough installs or reviews, then it won’t be listed until you reach a certain amount of exposure.

3 big reasons why campaigns on Waypedia never succeed (considering that the app is good):

1. You never did a large campaign. Some apps need a larger volume of traffic to rank. Contact us on live support so we can help you with that.

2. You never did ASO for your description. If your app’s description has little or no keywords, it will never rank or reach a high volume of organic users.

3. You have a great app but there is no market. You can have a great app that is well designed and 100% functional, but if there is no market, then it will never succeed. E.g: Creating a messenger EXACTLY like the popular "WhatsUp" when there are already millions of clones out there and you’re not offering anything new.

5. Fully Managed Campaigns

Is Fully Managed Campaigns right for me?

If you see that your current campaigns on Self Service are running slow, you need a higher volume of traffic per day or maybe you just want your account manager to do everything for you, then you should consider a Fully Managed campaign.

Here is an overview on how Fully Managed system works:


How does it work?

When clicking on "add campaign" from Waypedia Dashboard it will show different type of campaigns set up. When choosing Fully Managed option, you basically will write in a short form everything that you need and your account manager will go through it and approve it later if requested campaign is possible. If the requested Fully Managed campaign is not possible, your account manager will reach you to discuss different options for you. If you’re communicating with your account manager through email or skype, he or she can set up everything for you!

After campaign is approved by your Account Manager, you will need to click on "START" campaign to run it. The Fully managed campaign will start running in a period of 1 to 5hrs depending the size of the campaign and targeting. Waypedia ads op will connect with top publishers and private partners to full fill your campaigns request.

Once the campaign is completed, you will have access to a report on the same page under "STATS".

NOTE: We strongly suggest you contact us 24hrs in advance when setting up Fully Managed campaigns. Approval process might take up to 48hrs and installs start kicking between 1 to 5hrs.

Why is the whole process slower than Self Service?

We do everything manually on Fully Managed Service since it is more customized. This is a excellent solution for large volume advertisers that prefer not to constantly update campaigns and manually modify small details.

Why Is Fully Managed Service Not Updating My Campaign?

Fully Managed Service is a manual and customized service for larger campaigns. We work from different platforms and we gather all the information manually. Percentage and stats are NOT updated in real time. We update campaigns upon request .

Why Was My Requested Campaign Denied?

We only work with large campaigns starting from 500-1000 installs. Your app is required to be FREE, available on Google Play and in compliance with Google’s policies. If your request can’t be done by Fully Managed Service we will inform you of the reason in a note on your Waypedia Dashboard.