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How the Tracking Campaigns works?

On Waypedia.com you can set up a campaign using a tracker link. This means that you can put a link that will redirect to your app on Google Play. During the redirection process (usually takes less than 3 seconds) your tracking provider will track from where the traffic is coming from and if the user install and/or opened the app.

Why prices are higher with trackers?

We charge an extra small fee for any campaign that uses a tracker because manual approval and constant control it is require. Some trackers stop working and not all advertisers are aware of that causing bad experience to our mobile users.

Understanding Trackings

There are different type of tracker links and affiliate rules and unfortunately we can't give any support or information about them. If you are working for a reseller or major affiliate network, make sure you have everything clear before starting with us.

Waypedia's work is basically drive traffic to your tracker links from users that will install and open the app at least 1 time. We don't offer ANY type of support when it comes for tracker links or any affiliate network system.

Waypedia does support multiple track vendors.

If you're just a simple developer or company that need to use a tracker link to measure the results and you're not dealing with any major affiliate network, then you shouldn't have any trouble (please keep reading below).

Our tracking system is pretty much straight forward and we might not offer any deep insight statistics for your campaign if you use it (that's why you have your tracker link). We can supply with basic statistic for Android and IOS campaigns if you don't have tracker.

IMPORTANT: If the post back is set up well and the tracker link is carrying the right parameters then it will reflect the conversions. Please make sure of that and do an initial test. Tests are paid and NOT REFUNDABLE.

Tracking Campaign basic rules

Any link must redirect to the Google Play or App Store.
2. Any campaign with a tracker need to be reviewed by our team and it might take up to 48hrs to be validate it.
3. Once the campaign is running we are not responsible for any failure of the tracking system you may use.
4. We will deliver the traffic and make the installs conversion but if for some reason you don't see that reflected under your tracker link, WE WILL NOT GIVE ANY REFUNDS.
5. Traffic supply might be lower than expected.


1. Your tracker link doesn't contain any malware, virus or anything that might harm users devices. If you do, you will be responsible for each user and any Waypedia's inconvenience. You will fully pay for any problem it might occur.
2. Waypedia's does not have any relationship with any third party affiliate or tracker links providers that you might work with and we are not responsible for anything that might occur before, during and after campaign creation.
3. Affiliate links works under supply and demand. We can stop your campaign if the supply is too low or campaign is not running. In that case we will give a partial refund for the traffic that wasn't delivered.
4. You are 100% aware of your country targeting. We might charge a penalty if you change any targeting.


1. Make sure you have no caps limit on your tracker or affiliate link.
2. Make sure your tracker link has no limitation.
3. Do not resell Waypedia Incentivized traffic as organic traffic.
4. We are not responsible for any campaign failure.