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The app business world is dynamic and things are changing very fast. We spent a lot of time and went through all the possible points to make any app a success. This quick guide will give you the information you need to get it started.

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This time around we are narrowing down to three most important points which you must know about app business and its marketing. These are the three points which are definitely going to make your app a hit (do not skip the reading, this one is mandatory if you're starting an app business!).

1.1 App Market Research

The very first thing which we tell our clients and all the entrepreneurs out there is to study the market. You must learn to plan ahead. Go out and see what other developers are doing, read their stories of failure and success. Social apps and gaming apps are the biggest success which you can think of. The biggest reason for them being successful is the fact that these are the most liked and simple apps to use. Look at the current trends, you must know what is happening right now. Understand your to-be-users behavior. You must serve them exactly what they need and this can be done only by proper market research.

Get to know how successful developers started their journeys. The most important part being the funds which they arranged. You must start planning your funding at least 3-4 months before you start with your app. Funds are going to be the backbone of your business. Being realistic is again very crucial, don't think about what people would need after 5 years, think of now. With time, you will automatically be able to improvise your app and meet the demand of your users (a good long term team is key if you want to ease the future updates!).

Your idea is going to be the unique selling point, therefore do not rush on monetizing your app in the first stance (but don't avoid it forever!). You need to have a vision on what are you going to sell. Work on your idea, make it absolutely unique and very clear, keeping on mind on what are you going to sell/offer in the future.

Lastly, arrange your funds and keep it very clear about your launch time. If you want to launch an app in Christmas then make sure you have started your work somewhere around July or August. Use your common sense, don't release products that are meant for summer, on winter.

1.2 App Development

Once you are done with market research, you move to the most important step which is the app's development itself. App development would require you to follow your app's developer almost daily! It would require a lot of hard work, determination and perseverance. Therefore, you must be patient and choose the right team for the job. There are 4 basic things which you must keep in mind before you develop your app:

a. Simplicity: Your app must be very simple in terms of functionality and design. Even a 10 years old should understand it. The app must be straightforward making people understand in less than 10 seconds. If people fail to understand it quickly then they are going to uninstall your app right away. Twitter is a classic example where most of the people have not liked its interface or have hard time understanding their mechanics, losing their power against Instagram and Snapchat.

b. Functionality: Don't go over the top. You shouldn't be concentrating on making your app the most striking one, rather be concerned about minimalist functions. It should have everything that is required to work and nothing else.

c. Easiness of updates: This is a very important point. Your app should not be fussy about updates. Too many and too little updates are going to spoil users for you. Google is very fast as compared to iOS in terms of updates and software technologies. Your app must be able to meet each and every requirement at the right time.

d. Security: Make your app very secure. Around 50% of the Waypedia revenue is spent in security! Do not cut your cost on this element as security ensures that you have get to have your user's trust and loyalty.

1.3 App Marketing

Here a very crucial point to be noted. You have done your research and have developed a brilliant app but now you need to go out and sell it. Marketing would require lot of money; therefore, you must set the right budget and plan way ahead. Make sure that your content is saleable, it is unique and serves its purpose well. Hire specialists if you are absolutely new to marketing. Marketing is a completely different world than developing an app and requires full time attention as well.

Use all forms of social media from Facebook to YouTube to Twitter and even Snapchat. Spend a lot of time on your app and try to connect with people via live chats. Create a website of your own and cross-promote your app on it. Cross-promoting is a very important element of app business (and the cheapest one!). Targeting specific audience becomes very easy when you promote your app via social media but it is very expensive at the same time as well, so do it through content instead of upselling all right on their faces.

There must be a landing page to your website no matter where you promote your app. Share a couple of links, create blogs and maybe have some interactive sessions with people. Your app must be a seller and it should have some impact on your users. App business requires you to make your users understand your app's need. Explain how your app is going to change their life. Design your app's looks as per the group of people you want to target and focus on the social media platforms that represent them. Don't waste time on mediums where your users ARE NOT!


Before understanding how rankings works we want you to check the following screenshots that belong to apps that their rankings were drastically increased a day after they were promoted using incentivized traffic from Waypedia. The rank increases it’s obvious however, your app's quality is key for long terms results. Note that these stats are on public record and can be accessed by anybody on App Annie. No data was manipulated and this if only for informational purposes.

  • Make Money Rain (ANDROID)
  • VOLUME: 10K US installs.
  • TERMS: 15 DAYS. Maximum installs per day.

  • Good.Co (ANDROID)
  • VOLUME: 20K Worldwide Installs.
  • TERMS: 5 DAYS. Maximum installs per day.

  • Just Get 10 (ANDROID)
  • VOLUME: 50K US Installs.
  • TERMS: 20 DAYS. Maximum installs per day.

  • Voice (ANDROID)
  • VOLUME: 100K Worldwide Installs.
  • TERMS: 20 DAYS. Maximum installs per day.

  • Trigger News (IOS)
  • VOLUME: 100K USA Installs (mostly iphones).
  • TERMS: 20 DAYS. Big initial kick and then around 300 per day. We repeated 3times. You can see bellow when every kick was made.

  • Swappable (IOS)
  • VOLUME: 10K USA Installs.
  • TERMS: 10 DAYS. Maximum per day.

This is the proof that to rank on the charts is not imposible. That with the right timing and patient anything can be done! Now be aware that ranking on the charts alone is not longer enough, there are other aspect that you need to take care of before running any campaign if you want a long term app business success.

2.1 Dominate the Play and App Store

There are fundamentally 3 big ways to improve your presence on the Play and App store:

2.1.1 Rank on the charts categories

Getting ranked on Google Play and the App Store is not a secret anymore. The only way to get higher on the charts is by getting big volume of installs a day. Regarding if users keep or not your app installed, if you don’t get installs every day your app will drop on the charts. Rankings are based on the country location so if you get 10K USA installs in a day, you’re most likely to rank in a higher position on the charts on the USA listing for the category where your app is listed.

2.1.2 Rank on the Store Search results

Each app has a store description and tittle. Google and Apple grab those related keywords from there and list your app on the search results. Dominating the store’s search results under certain keywords can bring you a huge volume of organic traffic. We will explore this technique later on this guide.

2.1.3 Suggested apps

If users from X app install also yours, the store will recommend your app on the listings to other users. You can see this “suggested apps” on Google Play store when browsing for apps.

2.2 How you will beat your competition

Assuming that your app is fully debugged, beautifully designed and the overall quality is top notch, you will need to set up a marketing plan targeting the following:

A. Your country audience. This can be a few countries, one country or you can go worldwide if your budget is big enough and dominate the whole world charts (make sure your app is open to a broadly audience, meaning, it’s in English and it can be understand through different cultures, like WhatsApp or Candy Crush for example).

B. Have no more than the best 5 keywords ready to target. Remember that your description must contain these keywords. We will go through this on level 3.

C. Volume of daily installs to dominate certain charts and keywords. The higher you can go, the better.

We strongly suggest you finish this guide before starting any campaign but if you don’t want to wait any longer then you can go to Waypedia.com and set up a campaign accordingly with those goals. If you need help along the way, reach us on chat support so we can guide you!

2.3 Influencers

Incentivized traffic is cheap and the easiest way to get big volume of traffic which is needed to hit higher on charts. Also getting the stats increased on your app’s main page gives users more credibility (looks better if you have 10k downloads than just a fews). You can fully control and get clear sense of the volume of traffic you want to get.

A great combination with incentivized traffic is also organic traffic from influencers. If your budget allows it, you should seriously consider getting in touch with your account manager at Waypedia and let work on that. This is what we do with our top developers:

2.3.1 We boost their overall numbers. Nobody want to install an app that is dead or showing less than 50k installs on the front page. Incentivized traffic is the easiest and cheapest way to get your app’s number up.

2.3.2 We boost their numbers on the charts and keywords relevancy. As it was said before, you also want to show signs of improvement and growth on the charts. This is useful for press release and of course… for the influencers to talk about!

2.3.3 We look for our A, B and C list of top influencers that fits your budget. We also look for the right influencer that makes sense for your type of app and audience. You don’t just want installs, you want also people to use your app for long term!

This combination is brutal and can bring you a massive volume of traffic. Please be aware that to submit your app’s to our influencers top list your app most be well designed since it needs to go for an approval process. Our team will review it and find if your app fits our influencers audience within 5 to 10 days. Just get in touch on live chat support to get started!


As an app developer you must be understand the importance of app downloads and rankings. Ranking helps you stay afloat and become highly successful in the long-term scenario. App downloads give you better ranking and a solid position among rival apps. This is possible not only for the ads campaigns you might run, but also for a deep understanding of your App Store Optimization (or known as ASO).

3.1 Icon, Tittle, Screenshots and Description

There is a reason on why we wrote Icon first and tittle second. Users look at your icon for less than 0.5 seconds and that is the starting point to find what they want. Then of course, is the tittle.

A great combination with incentivized traffic is also organic traffic from influencers. If your budget allows it, you should seriously consider getting in touch with your account manager at Waypedia and let work on that. This is what we do with our top developers:

3.1.1 Icon. We are moving towards a society that engages more with images and videos than with just plain text. We became a visual engaged society. If your app’s icon blends too much with the rest on the search results, you’re in trouble. Not only will have an impact on the organic installs but also with your incentivized installs campaigns. Remember that you’re not working just with numbers; real users are looking at your product. If is not beautiful, you will have a hard time getting users and overall marketing campaigns cost will skyrocket.

3.1.2 Tittle is next because users need to re affirm of what your app is about. If Tittle and Icon don’t work together, users won’t click on your app listing. That’s right, all that hard effort on putting the best screenshots and description will be in vain.

For keywords purposes, Play store and App store are allowing some “extra text” on the title for some “mini description”. Basically, if your app’s name is “Amazon” you can also put something like “Amazon – Buy stuff”. That “Buy stuff” should be your main keyword focus. Please, don’t abuse that extra space by adding more unnecessary keywords and also avoid using copyrighted names on your tittle.

3.1.3 Your app’s screenshots are your app’s introduction, the user’s “time saver”. If you waste their time with unrelated and bluff screenshots about something that your app isn’t, you will really piss them off (and you know the consequences: a flow of negative reviews). Make it informative, show your app in action, with very little text (if they want to read more, they will check your app’s description). Make it beautiful and easy to read. Make at least 5 screenshots and make sure you show your app on different devices, so users can have a “feel” of what your app is about.

3.1.4 The app description will be our place to play with keywords and at the same time, to inform users of the main key functions of your app. Remember, they might be browsing for different apps and if description doesn’t address the main points quickly, they will stop reading. Rule of thumb for best descriptions:

  • A. No less than 800 characters and no more than 1200.
  • B. Focus on 3 to 5 keywords and make sure to repeat them no more than 1-3 times.
  • C. Don’t spam. Meaning, don’t do something like this: trying, to, target, different, keywords, using, commas.
  • D. Avoid naming too many big companies or copyrighted brand just to get yourself ranked.
  • E. Write your description in the same way you would like to be treated. Think on your audience and how they might think/
  • react.
  • F. Use some formatting to make it readable. Give some spaces, bold some text and even use some emojis!
  • G. Don’t over use words, avoid grammar errors and avoid being to general when explaining what your app does.

3.2 Avoid popular Myths

There are a lot of theories about ranking and incentivized traffic that might stop you to move forward with some marketing tactics. We’ll address some of them but consider that this is a living guide and we update it regularly to reflect current marketing strategic so won’t be surprised if those myths might become reality at some point.

3.2.1 If users don’t keep the app, the app fall in the charts. Even thou you want to try to get the most of the user’s retention as possible for earning purposes obviously, in terms of ranking it barely affects it. Ranking on charts will depend solely on the daily volume of installs you get a day. Meaning that if you get 1k high retention installs today, and zero installs tomorrow, you will most likely drop in the charts ranking. Sure, retention helps, but the main metric is the volume of installs.

3.2.2 You need to pay for reviews to increase on charts. Reviews are important for keywords relevancy and social approval. Google specially uses your user’s comments to grab some keywords and list your app depending on how much users repeat that keyword. For example, if some users say, “This is the best casino game” Google will take that “casino game” into consideration and most likely list your app when users search for “casino game”. And that’s pretty much it. There is no chart increase because of the number of reviews that you can get and it can actually hurt your app’s overall ranking if Google or Itunes detect that you’re getting too much positive reviews without real engagement from them. Stay aware of fake or incentivized positive reviews. Stores might erase them first without consequences but if you continue, they will suspend your app’s listing and even ban your entire account.

3.2.3 It’s incredibly hard to recover a banned account once google find out you violate the rules. This is definitely not a myth and Itunes is even harder on terms of violations. Copyright infringement and fake reviews is the most known cause of suspension and appealing process can be painful with 1 out of 10 success rate.

3.2.4 Bot install will suspend your app. Bot or emulator installs won’t cause you to lose your account on Google play or App store, but it’s just matter of time for the Stores to start straighten their security. The stores know that there is a small % of fraud everywhere, the problem becomes if the number gets too high compared with the actual active users. Also, for the cost of bots you can just go with incentivized real traffic and have more real retention rate.

3.2.5 Google penalizes fast uninstalls. This is a very known myth that almost everybody believes in it. Of course, is out of discussion that you ALWAYS have to aim for users to keep your app for as much as you can. However, most users don’t have more than 20 apps installed on their phone so the uninstall rate is fahigh, even for organic traffic. Most users try different apps all the time and if they don’t fit their needs, they move on quickly. The stores know this and based their ranking on daily installs more than on the retention rates. With the advance of new technologies and AI, other rules will take in place very soon.

3.2.6 Clone/re skin your app, make more revenue. This might work for a while, but won’t last forever. Yes, there are people doing it all the time, but if you want to be successful, instead of cloning cheap developed apps, make similar but well-polished apps. The other big problem by doing this is that you’re not alone, thousands of developers are doing it every day becoming this way to make the living nearly unsustainable.

3.3 Quick App Business Facts

  • A. Your app’s flow must be easy to understand in less than 10 seconds.
  • B. Your volume of daily installs will determine your long-term success.
  • C. If users are not using your app daily, your earnings will never grow.
  • D. Too many ads will really affect your credibility as an app developer or company and it will seriously affect your app’s future. Don’t abuse it just for short term earnings.
  • C. Native and interstadial ads is the way to go.
  • D. Influencers will dictate your app’s virality.
  • E. People are searching for apps using the Play Store more often.
  • F. Aim to be top 30 or under on the charts.
  • G. Google is indexing apps, especially the ones with highest number of downloads and maturity.
  • H. Freemium is the way to go as a main business model for 97% of the apps.
  • I. People are looking at your social signals. If you’re not there, you will be risking your future.
  • J. App support is mandatory and it will be the future of the new jobs for the next decade.

Want to hear more quick facts? Please join our free course at the bottom of this page!

3.4 Getting started with your App Promotions

Now that your app is ready to be promoted, here is a breakdown of our services by using the most common questions we get every day about our services at Waypedia and how you can take advantage of them.

3.4.1 How Waypedia get the traffic for my apps?

All of our traffic is generated from our Discovery Offer-walls apps, games and other top publishers. What makes us different is that we are the only ones with high engaged users base and 99.8% fraud free downloads and come up with high end encrypted system and proxy security. When using our influencers services, traffic will come mostly from their social networks pages and videos.

3.4.2 How does it work?

We will locate your app using your Google Play app's link and use your package app's name to connect to our platform. Our users will install it in exchange for a small reward (virtual goods, gift cards, etc). On top of that they can keep the app, use it and/or review it if they like it, Incentivized installs will also help you get better ranks and can be used to rank under specific keywords. The more downloads or installs you get, the higher your app will go on the rankings and search results. If you need registrations or make users reach certain level in your game, reach us out to see our CPA plans!

3.4.3 How much it would cost me?

Price varies if you need higher volume of downloads in a single day and also it depends if you want to target a specific region or country, retention rate and if you need them to target some specific keyword or make users to reach certain action inside of your app. The best of all is that with Waypedia you only pay per conversion and all prices are flat and inclusive of fees and taxes. Pricing start as low as $0.10 per install. Influencers plans start at $15k per app. Reach us to discuss other options as well.

3.4.4 What TOP developers buy?

They mostly use incentivized installs to drive massive amounts of installs per day. Incentivized installs have a great conversion rate for the price and easy to scale. Most top developer to keep themselves on the spot buy over 50k downloads A DAY for period of 1-2 months or more. Influencers packs are bought for specific apps and games in combination with incentivized traffic. Game developers can find this solution as its best for their ROI.

Don't have a big budget yet? Even if your budget is low, with Waypedia self-managed platform you can start as low as 50 downloads per day.

3.4.5 How many installs will rank my app higher?

There is no specific number to rank your app higher, it will depend on the type of app, category, country and markets. However, we have noticed that campaigns over 10k downloads in a single day always get a huge impact on charts and search results. To get you started we recommend you find the right keyword, add it to your description at least 5 times and then drive the maximum number of installs you can afford.  Do not start ANY campaign until you ASO (App Store Optimization) is done!

  • 1. You should have a bug free and fully functional app.
  • 2. Make a description with the right keywords. Start with one or two.
  • 3. Maximum volume per day. Recommended: 10k worldwide downloads per day.
  • 4. Getting genuine reviews will help. Fake reviews or ratings can get your app suspended!
  • 5. Merge your app with social networks like Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram to be easy to share.
  • 6. Target specific countries if your app is not translated or is hard to understand for certain regions.
  • 7. The ICON must be attractive and easy to understand.
  • 8. Keep your app up-to-date and upgraded.

3.4.6 What about the reports?

Waypedia.com will let you have real time stats which will inform you about the detail of each and every install. Details like Device ID, country, manufacturer, time of install and model would be provided for all self-managed campaigns. You would be able to keep track of the number of installs which you get daily. For fully managed campaigns, Waypedia only provides impressions and installs daily breakdown on the reports.

3.4.7 How long do I need to wait for the results? Where can I see it?

Installs might take up to 72 hours to be reflected on your console. Google Play developer console shows it as "DAILY INSTALLS BY DEVICE" (this is under statistics page). On Itunes connect, it will show up as App Unit. Obviously, the best results you can get are the charts and keywords increase and you can check that by using tools like AppAnnie.

Keep on mind that the overall campaign results and ROI will depend on your product quality and markets. If you have a good developed app and the market targeting is the right one, our services will bring you dividends in few weeks.

3.4.8 Can you suggest me a plan or do consulting?

We can provide you with different plans at no extra charge. With your app's link in hand we can analyze the markets, type of app, quality, category, etc. and find the right volume and targeting to get you started. You can also consider getting into a call with one of our top consulting app business and marketers. Reach us on live chat support to learn more.

3.4.9 Final words

This was a quick guide to help you understand in general terms how to market your app correctly. This industry changes nearly every week and you need to keep yourself updated. We strongly suggest you continue your learnings by subscribing to our free YouTube free App Business course bellow. We will go in deep from planning your app, to development, to marketing and more!

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We are proud of our services so we mostly used examples of what we did for some of our clients. When the product is right, it doesnt require huge budgets as many might think! Be Patient and start working today!